Bericht von der Englandfahrt 2019

Geschrieben von: Natalie Bockarev, Shirley Degler, Diana Dukart, Alina Goetjes, Felicitas Lipske, Victoria Malack, Gabija Puodziukaite, Florentine Reichert (Klassenstufe 10)

Our trip to Eastbourne/England (15th – 20th September) 

Sunday - Monday (15th – 16th Sep)

Our trip to England began at half-past ten at night. First, we drove through Germany and then through the Netherlands. After a few stops, we reached the border to France and took the ferry to Dover. Two hours later we finally arrived in England.

First, we stopped at the remote beach of Camber were we used our chance to run around and take our first pictures, or just admire the shells and stones piling in the sand next to the crystal clear waves. We then travelled further to Rye, a small but sweet city with truss houses everywhere. We were allowed to explore freely and get a taste of what English culture is in reality. And after a long day, all of our different host families gathered to pick us up, so, at least now we were forced to use all of the English skills we had...or maybe not yet had...

Tuesday (17th Sep)

Our first proper day started with a trip to the amazing city of Brighton. Brighton is located on the south coast of England. The town has many beautiful places that are also perfect for tourists. In the city, we were allowed to move around freely. Among others, we saw the city, a pier with many fun attractions and sweet booths.

After that, we drove on to Cuckmere where we climbed a very steep cliff. While walking I was a little scared because there was no staircase and nothing to hold on to. At the top, we had an amazing view. We stayed there for a long time. We had some lunch, took pictures and had a lot of fun.

After that, we drove a few minutes to the Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel. We walked roundabout 5 km and had a very beautiful view.

At the end of this great day, Martin (our nice bus driver) drove us to a supermarket. Most of us bought delicious British sweets.

In the evening the host mother, Lena and I played a little game which is named ´´Guess who´´ in England. Most of the time the host mother won. All in all, it was an exhausting but really nice and fun day.

Wednesday (18th Sep)

Late in the morning we got off the bus right in front of the gorgeous Eastbourne Pier and got ready to start our first city puzzle hunt today. But we needed to hurry because we still had many other places to visit: The next one was the historical Castle Herstmonceux with its branched garden where we were free to stroll around and take a quick break before scavenging the coast-based city Hastings for answers to our second puzzle hunt. This one was a bit more complicated than the first, but it was worth it. We started at the pier again, slowly working our way through marine museums, all the way up to the West Hill where we had the most beautiful view ever possible!

Unfortunately, it was time to pack our bags in the evening as we had to say goodbye to Eastbourne and our host families the next morning.

Thursday (19th Sep)

At 8 a.m., after saying goodbye to our host families, we left Eastbourne and we were on our way to London. Arriving in London, we took a ferry across the Thames, passing places like Tower Bridge, Shakespeare Globe, Cleopatra's Needle and the London Eye. We split into two groups on arrival at the London Eye. One group visited the London Eye and the other one the Dungeon.

I was in the group visiting the Dungeon. I loved the Dungeon and the actors. That was amazing there, I really want to back and see it again sometime. It was so much fun. After the show, I was a little bit sad because it was over.

Then we walked together along Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace. From there we could explore the city on our own. My friends and I, for example, walked along Oxford street. On our way back to the bus, we took the underground.

Very late that night, we headed back to Germany.



For us, the trip to England was a very nice experience because we got to know a new culture. We also challenged ourselves to only speak English so we would get more confident in speaking it.

Our highlight was the trip the Seven Sisters Cliffs near Eastbourne and the breath-taking view. Another highlight of the trip was London of course. It felt really nice to be able to visit places we only knew from photos or movies.


We were impressed by how kind the people in England are. In Brighton, we asked a police officer if we could take a picture with him and after taking some pictures, we had a small conversation. We were also very impressed by England's landscapes because when you talk about England you always think of London or city life. That's why it was really unique to see this beautiful side of England.

Being in a host family was a good experience because if you were lucky, you talked about many things with your host parents and learned many things that you didn't know before. We got the feeling that the trip to England brought all the classes and the teachers together and we got to know each other better. It was very nice to see how well the communication between the different classes worked and we would love to do a trip like this again.